Fighting for life and fighting cancer


indeed a weird world that we live in . the way we live life and the way we embrace the good times and the bad times . and how one moment can truly change the way we want to live ! we forget destiney has its role in our lives we easily let sorrow drown us in its deep lost valleys!

personally I thought I had experienced enough life to deal with any kind of road blocks .. the day I was diagnosed with gastro cancer changed the way I see life and the way I want face problems … I started living and learning from every single minute I live on this world I started to realize how amazing of a gift life is ! and how sometimes we let our small tiny problems put us down …I decided to live the bad and the good times I decided to thank god for Ghent very air am breathing.. I fight cancer with a smile .. and every o e should live life no matter how hard it is .. and that is my message to everyone ..

Hamza iskandarImage