I wonder what it feels like when you can understand and comprehend all these feelings and thoughts . Well sometimes we wish we were something somewhere yet we don’t really reach that point or that desired goal we once had . People around us and their feelings and behavior really do effect on us and our decisions . Sometimes we mistake being used to someone with love .. Yes it is hard to understand these feelings and that deep maze of affections no matter how hard we try we only lose our path and end up being on a dead end .. But let’s just think about it maybe this is life .. Maybe this is exactly how wonderful life is not that being lost is a good feeling but it actually puts you in a challenge you see a challenge worth fighting for we all forget the fact that we fight for life even if you are reading this basically your fighting for a better tomorrow .. I could go on writing and writing but as I said it will only make me go deeper into this maze where dead ends will put up a challenge and you as well keep on reading .. See that’s wonderful I am not where I want to be and you my friend are not reading something you were looking for .. Yet again let me tell you that this wasn’t a wast of time nor energy you actually played this maze with me .. #hamza_writes


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