The waiting

Well am at the hospital waiting for my endoscopy . It’s really amazing to observe people who are fighting cancer and see how even in the very old ages that allot of them are in fighting cancer is not putting them down haha and here I am not the only 21 cancer fighter but yes around here am 1 of the young fighters . I look right and left different faces diverse nationalities and all kinds of stories , it’s like every minute that goes by I learn a lesson , lesson I’ll treasure all my life . Makes me thank god for the very air am breathing …. makes me ashamed of giving in or up makes me want to fight even harder even stronger we all might not know or realize but we are an army of all ages all over this world fighting one common enemy , and yes we are winning .
I fight and I will always keep fighting ill stand by you and by the millions that are fighting … I fight cancer with smile



Fighting for life and fighting cancer


indeed a weird world that we live in . the way we live life and the way we embrace the good times and the bad times . and how one moment can truly change the way we want to live ! we forget destiney has its role in our lives we easily let sorrow drown us in its deep lost valleys!

personally I thought I had experienced enough life to deal with any kind of road blocks .. the day I was diagnosed with gastro cancer changed the way I see life and the way I want face problems … I started living and learning from every single minute I live on this world I started to realize how amazing of a gift life is ! and how sometimes we let our small tiny problems put us down …I decided to live the bad and the good times I decided to thank god for Ghent very air am breathing.. I fight cancer with a smile .. and every o e should live life no matter how hard it is .. and that is my message to everyone ..

Hamza iskandarImage